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× Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the visitors of and its related web properties, such as the Client Area.

Usage Logs, like other websites, stores usage logs of the visitors of our website. This includes information including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, a unique identifier for your internet connection. These logs are deleted regularly and are only used for the purposes of server maintenance and abuse prevention.


If you enter data onto the website (such as a username or password in the Client Area), you may be prompted to save the data via mechanisms such as a 'Remember me' checkbox. If you choose to enable such mechanisms, a cookie (a small text file containing an identifying key) will be stored on your computer. This allows to remember your visit for when you return, allowing you to continue using our properties without reauthentication. This cookie is only transmitted for the purposes of authentication and not for analytics or advertising. You are welcome to opt-out of cookies at any time, by disabling them via mechanisms in your browser.


If you choose to utilize the communication methods made available on, such as but not limited to facsimile, email and phone communications, we may keep a record of your communications either physically or via electronic storage systems, for the purposes of allowing further correspondence and for proper record keeping.

Third-Parties utilizes the Google Maps Application Platform Interface for the purposes of providing insightful directions to you, should you wish to visit our office. In order to accomplish this, your internet browser communicates with Google Maps when visiting Google LLC may have different data collection policies, and for this reason, recommends you visit the Google Privacy Policy for further details as to Google LLC's data collection.

Data Security follows the same data protection policies that Jarvis Ryan Associates have with your financial data. Rest assured that extra care is taken to ensure that your data remains secure while using our online services.

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If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call our office at (905) 277-9499.